Pic(s): longy gif

Name: Matthew "madness"

Nick Name: Clippless (pedals)

DOB: 06/08/66 (old man!)

Marigal situation: Maried to 10 wimen (wot in arabia)

Place of birth: On my bike (that says alot about his arse then dosen't it)

Say Summut Cool: Ride...Lets ride (ok let me put my helmet on)

Do A Ali G Impersion: Respect! (who.. who do you want my to respect?)

Best Move: 360 tailwip followed up by a forward summersault,bar spin, wink at the wimmen, moony at the UCI, cross up, Seat Grab Superman, Lube Bike, non footer, (finished yet you have been up in the air for half an hour) finish with a back flip.

Bike: 9t9 specalised fsr comp (for racing on). and a 2001 specalised vegas BMX

Fav Place To Ride: My back garden. (that dinky garden you can't even fit your bike in it!)

Fav Band: Blink 182. (times and you have sore eyes)

Fav Song: Storm, Time To Burn (but not wood)

What Can You Do That Is Cool: Impres the wimen (but can't spell women)

Any Strange Features: I'm very small and the alot of younger people bigger than me who intimmidate me.(ahh well you can't have it all your way.)

Fav Female Rider Pin Up: too nice to say that i go into fits saying it

Fav Rider: My daddy

Fav Female Pin Up: too many to say

Worst Rider Award Should Go To: Anyone who can't ride a bike (well thats you in then!)

Fav Saying: who left the kettle on?

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