you are on it that bump must have gave you a bit of amnesia
cool stuff from us ont australia
cool stuff that kicks a teatchers arse ard a can be
ome i mean home
more air than the is on this planet
why won't you die is it because you love me
more links than drule in a top bike shop
data profiles for area 51 not the people on this page are on ere
ridin' ridin' ridin' a bike wishin the rambler would move to the side
man your finger is dead just lift it up then let it drop
people can think only i can't
i'm not telling you where we ride but the computer will DOH!

stuff for sale


Oh no danny has turned in to a zombie, also look carefully and you can see Homer Simpson!

Damage report:

big wopping hole on lip (still scared)

Half a eyebrow missing

big scab on cheek just below eye

nose mangled

QR bent so much I had to saw it off!

brake lever crushed just salvageable

2 big scratches on road where forks dug in.

Danny been able to think now!

This is what happened danny was on his way out with Longie to do some street riding. When he pulled his bike out of the shed and found out that he had a flattie "oh #@£%" he said then Longie came out "no need for all the #@£% bad language" "sorry Longie but I have a #@£% flattie" Danny very sorrowful replied. "Jesus Christ Danny I asked you if it was all right!" "yea but Longie I didn't realize that a flattie was something wrong with your bike." "How #@£% dopey are you?" "Well I do have a dopey Teddy from America in my bedroom if you want a look." Said Danny who is telling the truth "No Danny I want you to repair that flattie," Longie with anger now "Me? repair is the another Danny around or is the another?" "Right now take that #@£% wheel off" (note the wheel) "Right is QR thingy it?" "yes Danny well done!" "hey no need to be sarcastic right then you deflate it, and then you get the tire lever out stuff than I'm strong I'll use me hands..... arghh oooo that is ard but I did it" Longie amazed at his speed and skill you see Danny is actually not one of the cleverest here. "Now replace it pump up a wee bit slap the tire on pump it up fasten magura get changed.. rite did I forget Summut" "Forget it Danny lets go" "Right Longie it's just sure I forgot Summut probably my wallet no I've got that" "Danny lets go!" "OK keep your undies on hey Longie look at that kerb drop off that and get back in the rhythm" "Hey danny your QR" "waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ooooooooooooooooo oh £^$$&%*&:~@>?{" "Wow what a top picture for our site" "what its only a cut on my elbow is it Longie talk to me you look like you've talking to a monster it's only my elbow knees.." "And your face!"

Of course we crash all the time but we don't always carry a camera with us!