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What Ever Happened To?

Jamie Tomkins: OK this is the deal 9t9 he was in MBUK every freekin' issue best youth rider Rode for MBUK Specialized and now that they have swapped sponsors to MBUK Jamis Cycles he has disappeared! OK he is back with a company too so thats one sorted.

Z1 Drop Off: The biggest fork of 9t9 was the Z1 Drop Off every one wanted a pair (even us) and now no one knows that they still exist and are dirt cheap, the 2001 ones come with the M arch so if you want to live the nice green monsters of 9t9 the get a pair! They are a mankey black next year!

Total Bike Magazine: You may or you may not remember this magazine but it doesn't exist any more we have had our newsagent's to investigate and he knows nothing about it. It is no longer advertised in MBUK any more so what the hell has happened to it did no-one buy it any more? We don't know what happened but what we do know it that it no longer exist!

MBUK being good: The easiest mag to buy is 100% not good full of rubbish and cheapo free gifts. No one wants to know what Martin A is getting up to. Or what they want for Christmas thinking that we will get it for them! Also the is hardly any reviews and just how many adverts can you fit in one mag? Too many in MBUK by far (999999999 pages to be fair).

Stuff for your bike being cheap: These days to get a decent stem you have to pay about £70 and to get some forks that move you are looking at £400 yes the are exceptions for everything but these prices are stupid just like the people who buy them!

Been abel to go mountain biking in peace: First of all it was just a geroff my land now we can't get on there land unless we win the lottery! F+M has killed the mountain bikin' in us and you lot too I bet.

Scotts endophorium theroplastic hardtails: They have been stopped this year because of the foot and mouth crisis no the carbon G Zero is going to be the thing for hard core XC'ers.

Saracen doing good bikes: In early to late mid 90is saracen did good PROPER mtb's now they look cheaper than asdas wicked ranged of bikes!

Race face been exspensive: one company whick was exspensive and still is in high range stuff is now doing some stuff at down to earth prices not that this is a bad thing!

Porell dry's: they are now called seal skins probally bought out though.

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