u are on it stupid to appealing to say
games central for all u boring people
waaaa ooooooo eeeek OK cut, thanks right take 2. U wot
ET wanna go home WELL JUST CLICK THEN!!!
for gods why won't you die god damn it
more links than those things holding the toilet rolls together
more profiles than on a police crinamal record
what veer ever happend to pushing this button
rides we go on get it?
where do we ride we dunno?


welcome to the world of phat air the is one person ere who can get phat air the rest of us can only fart to get as close as Longie in the air scene! Longie is good in the air cranking up style as he goes along. Danny who took all the photos and is writing all this is there to carry the mobile if we have any miss haps!

Longie so badly wanted to eat that flyMatthew Long trying to eat a fly whilst K.O.ing me with his front wheel at the same time up Rivington the jumps are crackers and so are the people who have a go at doing them (they are so crackers that they eat flies and kill you with there front wheel).

Just because the is a landing jump to this that you can't see is no exscuse to poo em Mr Long! Believe it or not there was a landing jump to this nice wooded jump up Rivington where the are some top jump spots to look in horror at the size or loose your sanity and have a go at them, he did make it (well he would).

longie can't resist been a hedless cyclist showing off his footy skills Longie showing off his football skills near the football pitch while jumping over me. or it could be that strange body less rider who only comes out at night caught on camera

second lot of jumpin'