die Extremist-racing cool stuff games central well for this site just crashed and burned on to this button no problem just click bill gates phone home (not likly on this page) wow cool air more links on this than the is bones in your body the profile of the human body can not be found on this rides we go on if we can your finger needs serviceing if they can you can but i can't DOH! im still not telling you where we ride

more jumps

some more of those crazy jumps from BMXes and more of Longie and Longie on his BMX, is you confused aii.

wee this is fun

Wee this kid is good

this table top is so good you could eat of it

This table top is so good you could eat of it

no head again!

What happened to your head Mr. Long? Still a very good jump with a nice cross up in it too.

is that a wheelie or a jump?

Is that a jump or a wheelie? gotta give him some credit even if the timing is wrong he is traveling at some speed so we put it on ps if this is you E-mail us! with proof

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