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It Should Have Been Killed Before They Made It!

GripShift: Totally Un natural action of twisting your wrist forward or backwards leaving handling and control like a full shopping trolley in Asda's car park on a windy day! mankey leaving you with very short handle bar grip and hard to reach brake levers.

Elastomers:This is rubber inside cheap and tacky suspension forks (yes rubber) eventually this will all seize up in winter and go all soft and floppy. Only good thing I can say is that they are light.

U brakes: These are good when set up right... but to achieve this takes a lot of messing around and fiddling. But with all that done the weight and mud clearance is not worth it.

Interactive bikes: U Wot, what's that, well if you have ever heard of one made by muddy fox then you will know what I am talking about. the whole idea is to have the front and back wheel interacting cool on paper but little bumps would lower the bike making your pedals hit the ground.

Downhill Fenders:These are one of the worst and ugliest things made yet! This is really just a motor bike front mudguard on a mountain bike, they get in the way are mankey looking things and if you bottom out your forks would probably snap em with your forks brace!

SOFT TAIL BIKES: This is a full suspension with about 2.5 inch at the most of travel and it is pivotless. Well how dose it work you are asking if you don't already know. Well the chainstay flexes and this all sounds good but no-one has made it:

  • Strong the flexing leaves it very vulnerable and if you think of what happens to a plastic ruler after a bit of bending it you will not like that thought while riding.
  • Flex in one direction so it can't flex to the left and right up and down!

Green machine!!: Be aware if you enter this shop you will find high prices, bad ass man called jack and what a guy this is one moment he is my best mate I've bought a pair of forks and my roadster as well as a countless number of repairs there and now he is Hitler and I'm the Brits why am I the brits because I won him! if you live in the Bolton area go to to Geoff smiths damn cheap prices and excellent service and also if you are a member of Bolton clarion you can get your self an extra 10% discount.

no the flash backs are coming

You guessed it foot and mouth just kill it! it killed the MTB'er in us.

Magura HS11. Just not good at all can not ajust them or anything. My verdict v's are much sharper than hydraulics any day!

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