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Daniel Jones

pics.danny on a saturday morning fever ay carumba

Name: Too Cool to put down (you put it up there dopey!)

Nick Name: Crash Bang Wallop!


Marital situation: Single.

Place Of Birth:Bolton hospital.

Say Summut Cool: The flapping of a butterflys wings in Australia can cause a storm in America.

Say It Ali G: Me Ridin' fast init man.

Best Move: Non Footed Endo

Bike: 2000 timberline with 2001 z5's, And A Peugot Performer (which hasn't been nicked) for training and racing (road toad).

Fav Place to Ride: Devils Graveyard (oh could you say hi to Satan for us).

Fav Band: Moby/Santana.

Fav Song: Body Rock (Moby) /Leave Your Lights On (Santana).

What Can You Do That Is Cool: My Thumb Can Dance.

Any Strange Features: Yes I like riding up hills.

Fav Female Pin Up: Helen Mortemer (not a another I know she is fit but not that fit).

Fav Rider: Marco Pantani. oli Beckinsale (Olympic British cross country rider) And Nico Vouzinous.

Fav Female Pin Up: Still Helen (Oh come on).

worst rider in the world: Rite 'ard townie BMXers (Adidas pants and rockports)

Fav saying: trust in god but padlock your bike!

Hi every one I am the creator of the extremist page and not a alien although a bit strange I am 0% human or was it 100% percent any way I hope you like it more than I liked making it because I hated it, it was a pain at times (most of it) but we got there and are still moving in the creation. No page is ever finished there is still still room for improvement (shove some Java on) or just extend on it like what we are doing OK half the stuff we do is meaning less but what is meaningful and what is meaning less? Stop been so philosophical Danny that is too advanced. But any way this page is more of a fun page than a biking page but that is cool because biking is suppose to be fun we will continue to bring you more pictures and more games and mobile tunes if we ever get any more stuff to put up then we will put that up!

trust in god but padlock your bike!

Danny Jones.

maker and founder of the extremist page.

no of races: 1 up hill 1/2 mile bad one foot came un clipped straight after the start line and could not get clipped back in so had a bad time of 3:25 instead of 2:30 which is what I got in the heats but still came 10th.

1 cyclo-cross race at queens park Bolton 5 out of 8 and I was mentioned in cycling weekly.

Downhill race (fat guys race and weighing aprox 8 stone not good) (this is a race where you go down one hill and have to go up another on the pther side).

2 races in the leisure lakes series so far came 8th in both of them.

his choice of vehicles

too fast to talk about

If you have this I will have your head!

my new bike

my new bike which is constantly been upgraded.

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